Avatar-the updated Lion King

Avatar has recently come out on dvd and many of my friends have made it the talk of conversation. It’s interesting to see the sides that people take on this movie. Some love it, speaking of amazing graphics and the whole 3-d experience at the theatre. The other half talk about how the movie was too long and seemed to drag and was just overall boring.

Now after my friends have finished yelling at eachother they turn to me to ask my opinion, and boy do I have a few things to say.

The movie does have some amazing visual imagery, but that’s about the only area where I praise it. Before it even hit the theatres the Avatar posters were up advertising for the best movie of the century and right there staring me in the face was Papyrus, in all caps! Seeing this terrible typeface made me want to puke in my mouth. Despite making a bad design choice I decided to go see the movie because well Papyrus wasn’t going to be in the movie right? Wrong. My eyes cringed as I sat through 162 minutes of reading it in subtitles of the Avatarian language. How could James Cameron produce the most expensive movie Fox has ever made and not put a cent towards using a better typeface?

After I cried on the inside from a designers view of bad typography I was bored with the plot of the movie. The script was written in 1995 and was just like any other movie. The Americans are trying to kick people off their land because they want something and now there is a struggle to live together in peace. The good land and bad land. I felt like I was watching the Lion King, only the updated version with way better graphics.

For these reasons I do not like the movie. Some people call me stupid because who cares about what typeface someone uses? It’s all the same right? And who doesn’t love the Lion King? I do love the Lion King. I liked it the first time it came out, with animals and not blue people. Avatar will be one movie that I don’t add to my movie collection.

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