Stage 5 Clingers…

So for some reason the other day 2 of my friends who I won’t name….(April & Jeff) decided to pressure me into answering a personal ad on craigslist. Number 1. This is already a bad idea from the start. It’s craigslist for christ sake. And Number 2. never listen to your friends. Anyways, one thing lead to another. Even after my persistent saying no, April decides to make a fake email for me and an alias to answer the ad. At this point these friends of mine have gone so far so I feel pressured that I have to follow through. So we email the guy. We send a couple emails back and forth.

An hour goes by….

After not emailing him for an hour, he sends me an email saying…and I quote, “you there beautiful? :)”.

WTF. ARE YOU FOR REAL!!?! Who in there right mind would call someone that when they haven’t even met the person, let alone pet names?? Come on. This is a little ridiculous.

So later that night, I get back on my email, and he is on some chat thing and messages me. We talk for a bit and its boring..He’s boring and I would rather drink a cup full of sharp rusty razor blades. As I tell him I have to go, do you know what he says?? You guessed it folks, “Bye beautiful”. AHHHHHHH. At this point I want to kill the computer screen, I realize I have a stage 5 clinger on my hands by now.

Today I had to send him an email stating how I can’t date anyone because I just got out of a relationship or some bullshit like that, and I can’t see him because me and my ex are always on again off again. I mean yeah I lied, but who wouldn’t in this type of situation.

So here’s some advice for the boys, when upon meeting a lady friend never, and I mean NEVER within the first hour of meeting her call her by pet names. (This advice can also work for the ladies as well). Don’t be dumb. Use your noodle and if you need advice, do not ask the friends closest to you.

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