Why you so obessed with me?

Soooo. School has started and things are starting to get crazy. projects and of course hitting that usual creative mental block. Lately I’ve been writing creative short stories, so prepare to have a few posted on here soon.

I hate when you become obsessed with something. Whether it be a person, object, figment of your imagination, whatever you want. So dummy Jenny got me obsessed/ addicted to this show called the L word. And we are totally rooting for,

The show is a complete trainwreck, but I can’t stop watching. Thanks Jenny. (jerk).

Currently researching social posters for school here are two that I love:

I know this is jumping all over but I can’t seem to concentrate on one thing lately. Hopefully people reading this (probably 3, including myself, so 2 other people blinded by my crazy ass writing skills) will be able to follow. Its raining right now and its nice to be able to listen and enjoy the sound of each drop hitting the roof. Its music that I wish I had to cd, but when it rains it just makes me appreciate it more since I don’t get to hear it everyday. The rain is something that makes me feel alive. Standing outside while it rains gently down and staring right into the sky feels great. In that moment I can feel every drop hit every part of my body, my skin feels emotion, and its something that people can only experience for themselves. I hope at some point people can enjoy this feeling.

Till next time, I’m out!!

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