New Painting writing and designing.

So lately I’ve been consumed with my painting for a local gallery willing enough to showcase my work next month and I’m pretty stoked about it. Once I get the piece to where I want it I will post a picture of it here. I’ve also been designing some book covers and you can have a gander at your pleasure.

I’ve also been back to writing my poetry, so here is a new insert:

The cool spring breeze brought

the smell of ‘Lily Angel’.

Standing there with a menthol smoke, she stood.

Eyes rolled over every body crevasse smoothly.

One thousand ochre threads on her head with jersey cotton lips.

She is beautiful.


After I finish filling this next journal I will be sending off my work to whatever publishing company will want it. So wish me some luck.

Here are some images I’ve found inspiring this week:

Other than that. My good friend that moved to NY recently sent me a letter in the mail. I forgot how good it feels to find something addressed to you directly. It brought tears and a smile to my face. It takes a lot to make those water works fall down my face so for all you out there, the best way to my heart is some well written words.

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