Cats & Leggings. (They go hand in hand..)

You know that Disney song, “Everybody wants to be a cat”? Well that’s FALSE. Not everyone wants to be a cat. If everyone wanted to be a cat, we’d all own cats. I on the other hand love dogs. And love this one in particular.

The little hallowiener on Halloween!

As you can see I had an enjoyable time on the 31st.

On to something else. Something that has been bothering me lately is this trend to wear leggings as pants. Who the hell invented this and thought it was cool/acceptable in public??

When I see this I feel like people forgot the rest of their outfit, and I feel that is my duty to let them know. Usually when I do this I get some snotty looks, but I feel they should know how damn dumb they look. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do everyone a favor and put on legit pants. We don’t want to see your bulging ass or junk in the front. Thank you. This has been a public service announcement.


currently listening to Kanye West-Gold Digger.

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