What are you made of?

I currently took on a new project that I thought of while driving the 44 highway. What is each state made of? I was inspired by the little rhyme that goes frogs and snails and puppy dog tails that’s what little boys are made of. So I thought I would think of what each state would be.

For me strippers, porn shops, and jesus billboards are what Missouri is made of.

After thinking of this, I decided to ask a larger audience {via tweet} what they thought states were made of and here are some of my favorite responses:

Conceal & Carry, Mexican Food, and Trophy wives are what Texas is made of. -Katelyn

Beer, cheese, and cereal killers are what Wisconsin is made of. -Tess

Douches, hipsters, and thai food are what California is made of.-Taylor

Prairie dogs, potatoes, and cows are what Idaho is made of.- Amanda

Slow talkers, corn bread, and dive bars are what Kansas is made of.- Matt

Assholes, foreign taxi drivers, and the naked cowboy are what New York is made of.-Jackie

Definitely a little fun thing to do with my friends, Probably my favorite response to this whole thing would have to be this one:

Shannanigans, dream crushing , and “Agathaaa stooooooop.” That’s what Lori is made of. {Decided to do a person instead}. – Aggie

Next on my agenda are the things I’ve been inspired by lately. I’ve been loving work by the painter Jose Parla:

He has a very expressive way of painting and tends to use type in his paintings to express a certain feeling:

I feel that with some of the paintings I have done myself I can connect to him.

While living here in the bible belt for the time being I find it so crazy to believe that people are so close minded. Especially when it comes to art. I have found that more and more things are censored in the public and media. If these pieces of artwork were shown in a different state or city they would be welcomed at a gallery.  I decided to take it upon myself and put on a show about censorship that will be going on in about 3 months. It’s time to show people that while you may feel sick and squirmish {spelling?} this art still has a message to get across. Just because it might be different from your views, go and suck it. [to put it nicely].

Onto music: I’ve currently had a crazy fix for vampire weekend. If you don’t know who they are check them out. Totally worth your time. They have this upbeat beach feel to them.

A favorite poster of mine that was done for a concert in NY.

Here are some cool things that I have found at random, and like to look at:

till next time, peace nuckas.

Currently listening to VersaEmerge

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