The Chili Story

I feel that I should share this story with the general public because I find it funny now. But if vomit makes you sick to read about/think of you should probably stop reading right now.

Any normal chili story would start like mine did: I decided to make some kick ass white chili. So I went to the store got the mixings to make it and then threw it in a crock pot to cook all day. When I got home around 5pm it was all hot and warm, ready for me to put into my hungry belly. My roommate {best ever, the one and only Landyn}, ate some along with some other people agreeing that this is the best white chili they have ever had.

Now after dinner is the time people usually clean up, but at this point I was late for a meeting to work on a collaborative design project. Landyn, being the coolest person ever said no worries, I’ll put away the left overs and clean the crock pot {which you have to do by hand since it has an electrical cord attached}. Before I left for my meeting I told Lando that it would probably be easiest to soak it in water and let it sit with some soap in it. SO I leave.

I return later to an empty house around 10:30pm. I walk into the kitchen and find the crock pot with water in it along with soap soaking. So I decide to pour it out and finish the cleaning. I pick up the crock pot and start to pour it into the sink. As the water/soap is pouring out, there is also remnants of chili particles that resemble nasty intestines. I continue to pour, but have to look away because I feel like I’m going to throw up. And then I say to myself, “C’mon Richelle when was the last time you puked? Don’t do it over this. You have a stomach of steel.” So I look back to the crock pot, and then think, “My god I’m going to puke.” So sure enough I blow chunks right into the sink as I’m pouring the nasty crock pot. And of course while puking and pouring I’m getting my nasty vomit into the crock pot as well. After I’ve excreted the whole lining of my stomach I rinse the pot of my puke and then for the next 45 min I clean that damn crock pot so good Martha Stewart would have an aneurysm.

Needless to say, I did not eat any of the leftovers and I made my roommate clean the leftover container.  Our kitchen has also smelt like chili and a mixture of stomach acid so I have been spraying cinnamon apple Febreeze to make it smell better, but I think it makes it worse. All just a day in the life of me. I wonder when I will eat chili next?

Currently listening to Jolie Holland, Old Fashion Morphine.

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