You’re a walking contradiction

So I’m sure you all have seen the douche bags that wear the flat bill hats:

Next are the Carhartt jackets that are popular with hunters and farmers/ other random people:

Now what blew my mind the other day was seeing a guy wanting to be a gangsta wearing a flat bill hat, but then he was wearing a freaking Carhartt jacket! WTF dude. Do you want to look like a douche or be an all around American boy? Make up your mind, because you look really dumb trying to be both. I would have said something to him, but held my tongue for lack of better measure.

Apart from seeing idiot people in my everday life I did come across this article which was talking about artists giving their creative aid to the community and in return receiving medical care  from doctors. This will probably be my life in two years, so I find this article a breath of fresh air.

I have found a lot of my friends lately going on dates and so I think I should post this flowchart because I feel it will be extremely helpful to determine if they will score:

That’s all folks.

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