Thanks for Wine.

Thanksgiving is that time to spend with family and friends and to give thanks………..

With that being said lets give thanks that Columbus murdered a ton of Indians so lazy Americans can sit around their TV’s and watch the Home Alone marathon. [joke] I can say this since I’m part Indian myself. I’ll make fun of my own kind.

So normally my Thanksgiving is my family and relatives [some crazy] all sitting around a table drinking multiple bottles of wine exchanging crazy stories of the past year. I must say the wine is the buffer in this situation. Usually my father, myself, cousin, and uncle out drink everyone else and become the comedians of the rectangle table. I wouldn’t be able to last 3 minutes at that table if it wasn’t for the wine. It makes everyone loose and the awkward conversations seem to flow way better. The wine also makes me relaxed and less pissed off when everyone asks me “what I’m doing with my life, why are you doing art?, what are you going to do with that?, you’ve starting writing comedy and acting?” Wowwwwwwwww… I’m like the little black sheep, but I’m over it. It’s nice to see everyone but it makes me appreciate alone time, and my friends so much more.

Wearing ties in this family are a classy act, and I must say I like a good tie. I liked seeing the different ones today. Especially my grandpa’s western style tie. If you don’t know what they look like google that crap.

Till next time folks.

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