And this is my life. Squirrels & Harry Potter

So I have got 8 hours of sleep total for the past two nights combined. AND I’M STILL GOING FOLKS! Finishing up two big projects and tomorrow night I will be able to breathe. yessssss.

SO this morning while driving in the car, I sneezed [typical] and did it into my sleeve. Well then I grabbed a CD and put it into the player to listen, cuz that’s what you do in a car. [yes I’m not cool and can’t plug in my ipod, but CDs are just as fun]. Anyways the CD started skipping, so I’m thinking “What the hell?? This is brand new.” I take it out and flip it over to rub off on my jeans because for some reason our culture thinks that helps..just like blowing air into an old school video game. As I look at the back there is snot all over it. GROSS RIGHT!? Tell me about it. I clean it off and sure enough it works great. Then I realize I still have snot on my hand from when I sneezed. First mistake of sleep depravation. Then on the way back to my house, I accidentally hit a squirrel and kill it!!!! NOT A SQUIRREL.

I tell myself its gonna be okay because they are over populated, but I can’t help feel a little bad. [There’s mistake number two of sleep depravation.]

Later in the day I can’t even concentrate, so time for expresso shots. Then I get this bright idea to figure out which Harry Potter House I belong in. A normal person would take one quiz and be okay with the results, but I decide to take 5 and every single one tells me Gryffindor. I feel like it’s wrong but obviously it has to be right since 5 different ones told me! Who wastes time like this. Sleep depravation mistake number 3.

After spending too much time on Harry potter I find these kick ass shoes which you can get in any house:

Originally I would have taken the Ravenclaws, but I guess the sorting hat knows best so I’ll take some Gryffindor’s in a men’s 10.

And then I’ll be BFF’s with RON! HOLLA!

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