Get out of my mouth. [hypochondriac]

While on my morning run earlier I was just minding my business, running on the trail, when out of no where a freaking grasshopper jumped into my open mouth. I immediately spit it out, and start licking my jacket and spitting to get all the nasties out of my mouth.

Anyone who knows me knows I am a huge, and I mean HUGE hypochondriac. So of course I’m thinking I’m gonna get some sort of sickness from this damn grasshopper. I’m in the last stretch of this 2 mile run so instead of stopping and running home, I’m stubborn and have to finish the run. [I have never ran that last stretch so fast before in my life].

I make it home rush to the bathroom and gulp the biggest amount of mouth wash that will fit in my big mouth. Spit. Then brush my teeth 3 times. [Could be signs of OCD…nbd].

Needless to say I have a problem. And if you thought I was bad now, you should have seen me as a kid. In the newest movie starring Jason Bateman called the Switch he has a son who is a big hypochondriac just like him

THEY BASED THIS LITTLE KIDS CHARACTER OFF ME! I acted the exact same way when I was little. Whenever somebody said something about a new disease, I knew I had it. I just couldn’t believe this little kid had all my same personality and character traits. ##weird.

Sometimes when I freak myself out I just have to remember:

After you know that. Everything else isn’t so scary.


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