Winter..Shorts, Vitamins, Chapped Lips, and Dry Skin.

So the weather has been up and down here lately. The other day it was 50 degrees. And then today 18. And of course the day when it’s really cold I lock myself out of my house after working out and I’m just in shorts and a jacket. GREAT! And of course all my neighbors are at work and won’t answer their doors. So what do I do? Oh run 2 miles to my nearest friends house to call my roommate to come pick me up and unlock the damn house!!

By the time I got there my legs were about frost bitten. Once home I prolly took the hottest shower of my life.

But all this cold weather reminds me that it is important to layer to keep warm:


And then I never go anywhere without chapstick, cos my lips get so dry.


Also when the weather is freezing I’m a freak about taking vitamins. So I load up in the mornings with my fish oils, vitamin d, c, multi, and iron supplements. I also go crazy about keeping lotion on my hands since I get dry skin.

And then I like to wear a bunch of cardigans. Because who doesn’t?

One would probably say I am prepared for cold weather..[unless I get locked out of the house in shorts].

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