Pot luck post

So I don’t have one specific subject to write about today, but I will say I launched a new webcast for TolerateIt.com

And last night while I was editing and shooting for the webcast of course I get off topic and start surfing the big world of youtube and I found this girl:

She is legit so check her out for sure! #andithoughticouldplayguitar

And then will whoever dresses Jake Gyllenhaal please dress me?

After I look super fly with the new person that dresses me I will become a poster child for fashion. [insert my sisters laughing hysterically b/c they know this will never happen]

I went to the train yard the other day to play and take pictures. [kids don’t play by train tracks. I just never payed attention to my parents]

If you didn’t enjoy the pot luck…then get the hell out!

Currently listening to Broadcast 2000

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