Out of order pinky toe/Crazy findings

Just doing the usual boxing routine workout this morning. After I’m done I took off my shoes and went into my room. I’m an idiot and keep some free weights just layin around on my floor. Of course I wasn’t watching where I was going and stubbed my little baby toe. Blood starts gushing all over, my toe nail is pretty much ripped off…so much for going for a run! AH. I will not post a picture of it here for all you weak stomached people, because it does look a little sick. Seriously so painful. Who knew ripping a nail would hurt so bad. [and I tolerate pain pretty well]

Aside from me always injuring myself I found this funny license plate. Someone asked me if it was my mom’s. uhhh?


Then who decided to name this place?


Gonna be here in a couple of weeks and can’t wait.


and then off to here




Currently listening to Bicycle Voice

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