December 12, 2010


A while ago I was working on a freelance job and I was in the design stage. So I mocked up a few designs and sent them off to the client.

She called me the next day, a bit disturbed and seemingly offended.

CLIENT: “Yeah, Hi. I wanted to talk about the designs. I wanted to ask you about what these naked girls are doing on my website.”

ME: “Naked girls? .. Sorry, what?”

CLIENT: “Well, I’ve opened the files that you sent me and I scrolled down and suddenly I see three naked girls kissing. This is incredibly unprofessional; I’m disgusted that you would send me something like this.”

[I had already figured what was happening but you can’t just say these things straight away..]

ME: “Well, uhh. I’ve just sent you these 3 screenshots of the design I’ve made so —”

CLIENT: “..And now I see a picture of a camel and pictures of a desert.. What is all this you’ve sent me?”

ME: “Ma’am, I don’t know how to say this, but I think that what you are seeing are files from your cache. So these are temporary images your computer saves when you go onto a website.”

CLIENT: “..What? Oh, no. That can’t be. I’ve never visited sites like that.”

[At this point her husband started to get involved in the telephone conversation. I heard him yelling from the back that what I was saying was “Bullshit! She’s fucking lying!”]

I continued explaining about temporary files and how this had nothing to do with the files that I’ve sent. She listened and then suddenly said: “Well okay. But another thing, I wanted to say that I don’t speak latin.”

Me: “Sorry what do you mean?”

Client: “Well all the text in the designs that you’ve made are in latin – I can’t read them..”

And then I explained what Lorem Ipsum was.

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