For The Birds

I’m not a big fan of birds at all. You know those things that fly outside and sometimes shit on your head, [or if you’re KOL crap in your mouth supposedly and then you cancel your STL concert…tools. PS birds don’t have THAT good aim]

Anyways… I really started hating birds one spring when I went to South Padre TX and while on the beach these sea gulls attacked myself and some friends. We were just minding our business while these things flew out of the sky and started swooping down pecking and chasing us. Pretty scary. So seagulls=evil

I also don’t like crows. They are creepy looking in real life but I do like them in poetry and books. They just seem more poetic/mysterious when I don’t have to look at one. I was surfing the inter web today and came across this tattoo:

I almost skipped over looking at this [cmo-creeps me out], but it is very pretty and the coloring is also well done. I wish I knew where this person got this done! Obviously this person likes crows a little more than I do.

I think it’s funny that I don’t like birds so much but I am eventually going to get a tattoo of one. I’ve had a design drawn up of a sparrow for the longest time and I have just been waiting for the right time to get it. I know lots of people say sparrows are so over done but I don’t care! Mine is different and it is special to me, so there. Take that. I would be the person to get something tattooed of an animal that poops where ever they want.

Current Inspiration:

Currently listening to Oberhofer

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