Home for the holidays

It’s always nice to come home and spend time with your family and friends around the holiday seasons. But after a while you end up wanting to make your ears bleed or have some big project come up so you can leave. AM I RIGHT? Don’t get me wrong I love the fam to death but after being on your own for so long it’s tiring to live with a bunch of people again and then they keep tabs on you. I will say though, there is never a dull moment in my house.

So when my youngest of my sisters was little she had a stocking that was different from the rest of the family. She hated it. She thought it looked stupid and she wanted a stocking that looked the same as everyone else’s. [the problem was since she was the baby of the family and we had our stockings before she was born, we could never find a matching one. But hers was really cool. It had glitter and was hand embroidered. I secretly wanted it.] So she thinks of this really good idea that if she hides it somewhere in the house and then says it got lost, my parents will have to buy her a new one.

So that’s what she does. Hides the stocking. And then when the family is hanging them up, we can’t find it. So in turn we go out and buy her a new stocking. [it’s red and has a moose popping out of the top].

Years later my sis tells us that she hid her stocking to get a new one cuz she hated the one that she had. WHAT THE HELL. And now she wishes she had the old one back cuz it really is cooler than the moose one she has now. But the problem…. she can’t remember where she hid the damn stocking!

This thing has been MIA in our house for god knows how long. I don’t even know if we will ever find it. But if I find it, I’m stealing it and keeping it for myself because that thing was bad ass. Finders keepers!

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