I refuse to teach my mother Facebook

So many parents are on many social media sites. Whether it’s to keep tabs on their children or to feel cool, they are now part of the social media world. Whenever a parent gets a facebook account there’s always the question of should I [the kid] accept their request.

Let me weigh it out for you:

1. Do you have things on your account you don’t want mommy dearest looking at?

2. Are you one of those people that doesn’t care what your said parent sees?

That’s basically it. But what it boils down to, it’s just plain weird. My mom is not on FB. She doesn’t understand anything with social media, so even if I tried to teach her, she would fail on understanding.

I love when my friends have their parents on Facebook and then whenever they have a picture of them with 8 beers in their hand, mom or dad comments something like, “I told you Tommy that drinking problems run in the family!”, or “That better be water in those bottles!” Sorry friends, you did that to yourselves by accepting those friend requests. And also do your parents know you are 23-25 years of age? [that age range applies for myself and said friends]

The other day I tried to explain the whole concept behind twitter to my mother. It pretty much blew her mind to the point of asking me to stop talking because she didn’t understand a word.  All in all, don’t complain when your social life minimizes and your friend count on FB drops below 100 because of friending a parent!

HOES! Happy holidays or whatever.

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