Bullies are stupid

Here is my personal 2 cent post for a while.

I was sitting in the waiting room of the doctors office a few days ago and a mother and her son were waiting as well.

Now I was minding my own business reading a book, but then I heard the mom say to her some to come over to her because she had some questions to ask him. [ She was filling out paperwork as you would if you are a new patient.]

So she’s asking him all the typical questions, “how’s your appetite? Concentration? Do you ever think of suicide?”

All his answers are normal but then she asks him, “Do you have trouble in school?” He answers yes. And I’m thinking to myself probably poor grades or something. But then he says “Bullying. People picking on me.”

Oh shit. Now I don’t cry very often, if ever. But when he said that, I couldn’t concentrate on my book anymore. I had to concentrate to hold back tears I felt for this kid. I wanted to jump up and give him the biggest hug anyone could give someone and tell him, “Forget those kids! THEY’RE ASSHOLES!! Trust me when you get older, it’s going to get better I promise.”

But I thought twice about giving him a hug, because a 23 year old hugging a 9 year old boy that you don’t know, probably isn’t socially acceptable.

But seriously I had drops on water on the pages of my book from this kid. I was relieved when the doctor called my name to go back and I could duck away so no one could see my teary eyes. And then I thought to myself:

1. If I ever have kids..and my kids are bullied. I will lay the smack down on who ever it is doing it to them, or give the parents of the bully a strong talking to.


2. If my kid is doing the bullying, they will receive a smack down from me if I ever find out because it is not ok.

I can’t stand people that do that to little kids or even adults. Stuff like this needs to stop. I was bullied when I was little and it’s not fun. People need to accept people for who they are.

Get over yourself.

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