My life in 2010

So people always do these stupid blogs about how the year went for them, but I’m gonna lay it down for you my way.

In the beginning of the year I got my life on track and figured out that I wanted to stick with my art/design and finished up with my first year with advanced design classes.

Next, summer. June I got to work with some awesome teenagers who are crazy tech savvy and basically I  make life fun for them for a month. July-August I moved to Kansas City and learned some interesting things. For instance:

Mexican food is bad at 3pm

Design/work for people who make life fun!

Sharing a bed for 6+ weeks gets old. [Especially when your roommate’s dog is a bed hog.]

My roommate Danielle tells me I snore..[I still think she’s lying]

When you think of something creative, push it beyond your limits.

K.C. really does have the best BBQ

When you can’t pay rent, start selling your stuff on ebay. [but learn to get over your attachment issues first]

I’m somewhat of a dog whisperer. WATCH OUT CESAR MILLAN!

Jersey Shore is a complete waste of time…but it’s SOOOO funny. [ “You need to be on your tip-top game with your GTL to stay FTD to get the girls to DTF in MIA… say that 5 times fast.”]

Don’t make an art style. Your style will come to you eventually.

Next I moved back to the southern midwest to finish my last year of school….finally. Probably my hardest semester but completely worth it with the designers/instructors I worked with. These people push you to your limits and really make you a better person all around. Projects were crazy, but in the end, the finished products I had in my hand, I was pleased with.

I cut my idea I’ve had all year. I love way it is now.

That’s the main stuff, but I can’t even forget all the new people and friends I have met in between that have made my life awesome. Can’t wait for this next year. And startin it off right by going to COLORADO!

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