Sisterly Texting

Krista: Are you on the train still

Me: duh. i dont get off this sucker till noon thirty

Krista: haha i’m kinda jealous. are they comfy seats?

Me: Kinda, but not when your butt’s bruised and you sat for 15 hours in the car the day before. But the upside is they feed me chocolate frogs and Ron and Hermione are my seat mates.

Krista: Bahaha soooooo jealous. Don’t let your frog jump out the window.

Me: Oh gurl it already jumped into my stomach. although it almost jumped on the girls head behind me but ron caught it. I knew he was my bff.

Krista: haha man oh man, what a good guy. No wonder him and I are lovers.

Me: Yeah. He told me he liked you. haha. he will make a great brother in law. we already look like family

…..we kinda love HP


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