Old VS Young

  • So the scenario is my friend Alex and I are waiting in line to buy a ticket at the movie theatre.
  • Alex: Yeah earlier today these girls couldn’t believe I was out of college. They said I looked soo young for my age.
  • Me: I usually get I look way older for my age.
  • [Up at the window buying the ticket]
  • Lady: Can I see your I.D?
  • Me: …..
  • Lady: Your drivers license.
  • Me: oh…right…wait you don’t think I’m 17?? [and then i laughed out loud and prolly looked like an idiot but it was funny since we just had that conversation previous.]
  • [walk back to alex]
  • Me: Dude did you get carded?
  • Alex: No

*****But for real folks, i haven’t been carded for a rated R movie for at least 6 years. Cray cray.

**Post script: Ben- I hung out at your house last night, not at the outland. GLAD I FIXED THAT!!

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