No Hands

Since I’ve been caught in a blizzard all week, I’ve been watching the tele which is something I don’t normally do.

I was watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. It was about this boy who had cancer in his leg and the doctors thought they were gonna have to amputate. But this kid refused to have his leg cut off because he was a dancer. He told them, “blah blah blah, please, let me show you what a fake leg wouldn’t let me do.” So he goes into a room and dances for them… and its beautiful.

That got me thinking, if I didn’t have my hands, what would I do? Seriously? I would be in that same position that kid was in, pleading to keep my body parts that make me who I am and make me happy.

I couldn’t enjoy any of these things that I do [or my career]:


[playing guitar]

[driving a stick shift]



[playing piano]

[mixing sick beats]

I guess people should just be thankful for what they have. Don’t worry that kid got some sort of surgery and was cured. NBD!

Currently listening to Ladytron

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