Remember Furbies??

Ok so i had a weird dream about furbies last night. They were taking over the little world I was living in, and I had to save all my friends..

With that being said, I remember when furbies came out. I didn’t really like them/thought they were scary, but my little sister was obsessed. She got one for christmas and taught it phrases and things. Cool right?? No.

2 weeks later this thing would just turn on on its own, and say things that my sister didn’t teach it. Creepy stuff. Like, “look me in the eye”. Shit you not. So we ripped the batteries out and buried it in my parents closet. This piece of crap would still talk. [it quit when we took a baseball bat to it.]

Long story short, furbies are creepy, the goverment thinks the russians would spy on us with the cookie chip in them [which makes me laugh] and then were eventually ban in certain parts of the US.

I wanted to write about this because I found this pic online, enjoy:

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2 thoughts on “Remember Furbies??

  1. First of all, only I can dream of Furbies. Second, I’ve never heard of one you can make talk!!! Are you sure you didn’t dream that too

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