Sleep Walking

I do it. Well I used to do it naturally. Now I do it on accident because I take sleeping pills cos I’m an insomniac. SO I will take these pills and pass out. MY FRIENDS think it’s funny to wake me up and take me places. I won’t remember going places because it’s like I’m sleep walking and totally knocked out. One time my friends took me to walmart while I was like this, and I guess I bought Pokemon on DVD. #truth.

I wake up the next morning to realize I have a new dvd set. WHAT THE HELL!? *this is my life* But you know what, I watched all those Pokemon episodes and they were legit. [original series]

In other news I refuse to listen to Christina Agulerioaisjfoijsdfaaaa since she screwed up the national anthem. Who does that!?? [Not like I listened to her in the first place]

Currently listening to From Autumn To Ashes


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