Personal Postttttt

So I haven’t written about anything or everything in a while, so I thought I would jump back on the old horse and get it done! Here are the things that are plaguing my mind this week:

Number 1. Why do people have this secret hate for hipsters? Like they are some sort of menace to society or need to shower cuz they smell. News flash, they are quite clean and full of good hygiene.

Number 2. Rihanna comes out with a song about whips and chains yet she doesn’t want to be with Chris Brown……THAT DOESNT MAKE SENSE!!

Number 3. Whenever I hear someone pick up an acoustic guitar with a phenomenal voice and sing it will most likely bring tears to my eyes. I don’t know why this happens.

Number 4. Being real with yourself is hard. FOR REAL.

Number 5. Why does eveyone in Law & Order SVU have to get raped? Someone answer that.

Number 6. Trucker hats are cool, anyone that doesn’t think so will be severely beaten.

Number 7. I won’t lie, sometimes I miss my mom.

Number 8. Britney Spears was hot, still is hot, and will always forever BE HOT.

Number 9. If anyone knows a cure for an anxious stomach report back to me.

Soooooo there you have it. Just the things during the week that I have thought about and or debate in my mind. I guess some of them you can take as advice and hopefully use it to your advantage.

Until next time, you do you, I’ll do me.

Currently listening to Lelia Broussard

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