Why cats hate me.

1. I sing Radio head to them. See below

2. I terrorize my sisters cat by making farting noises. See below

As you can tell. Cat’s loveeeee me.

SO what have we learned today? I like dogs.


Doin Work Son

OK, so this week I started a new job. Working at a day care. ANDDDDD let me tell you it is tiring. Yesterday I had two girls cut their own hair with scissors, another girl wouldn’t stop eating playdough. After constant yelling and throwing blocks I was ready to go home.

TODAY, I started off with a boy on the playground dropping trough to take a piss. He told me he did it while he was camping. I had to re assure him that this was not a playground. Then I spilled a cup a juice. Just dropped it out of my hands. Opps. Next I accidently poured milk on a kid. (there was a hole in his glass). Lastly I just dropped the biggest bowl of ranch you could ever imagine in your life on the ground.

SO I would say that accounts for a pretty successful first two days. I never thought graduating college that I would be working in a day care while I was unemployed. It might not be my life job, but everyday is different and interesting that’s for sure!


Currently listening to NOTHING. I’ve listened to screaming kids for two days and the quiet is amazing.