life crisis [but not really]

Sometimes I find myself having a quarter life crisis. Mainly because 4 months ago I was trippin balls not knowing how I’m going to pay for my life. or how I was gonna get to NY in march. [but then it worked out]. And then I freaked out because I thought, “do I want to do art the rest of my life?” That lasted 2 hours and then told myself to get it together, this is what you want to do. I tend to work myself up over finding a job. It seems that when the economy sucks not many people care about design or art, and then those are the jobs that get cut! gooooooo.

So that’s where I’m at. Tripping out now because I can’t find a job. Freelancing only goes so far when youre starting out. You never know when you will get work or when the next time you will get paid. SUX. But I just have to tell myself one thing:

and also:

People just remember life with work its crap out. It always does. [I just sometimes have to remind myself]

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